AWSDataScience is an informational website that addresses issues related to data science concepts and relevant implementations. Knowledge discovery, data mining, data visualisation, analytics, as also data warehouse, business intelligence and big data constitute the topics covered by AWSDataScience.

AWSDataScience focuses on two main objectives, to formulate positions on various technical subjects, and to raise questions for reflection and further analysis. In particular, AWSDataScience is intended to:

(a) provide the answers at certain questions related to data science tasks, add an alternative and reliable source of information and to contribute to the constantly developing community of people involved in data science and its evolution, and

(b) raise questions and stimulate for reflection, research, investigation, and innovation.

Any type of question, when formulated correctly, should have an answer. However, the feasibility of the response depends on the subject’s maturity level, the existing knowledge and the information available. Furthermore, when it comes to computer science and mathematics, it is quite important to create feasible questions, apply appropriate methodologies and interpret with caution.

As for cases where questions are difficult to be answered, then it is wise to change the question mark with an exclamation mark!