An introduction to Knowledge Discovery in Databases and Data Mining

The need to analyse, process and extract knowledge from a large amount of data has been a critical subject for computer scientists and researchers since the early years of databases creation. However, in the last decade, the speed at which data is created and stored has increased exponentially and everything indicates that it will continue to grow. It is estimated that almost 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created daily.

The main reasons that this deluge of data is growing so fast are: (a) the development of efficient software and management systems that made available the storage and processing of large amount of data, (b) the increase of global internet population, (c) the increase of cloud-based services and platforms, (d) the evolution of mobile technology and most of all (e) the excessive use of the internet in everyday life, including social media applications. Continue reading “An introduction to Knowledge Discovery in Databases and Data Mining”